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Social Impact College Coaching (SICC) is a nonprofit, social entrepreneurship organization that engages and educates young leaders to create social capital through high school, college and beyond by providing students of all economic backgrounds college counseling to help them discover their vocation, connect with their community, and access the best possible higher education available.


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SICCoaching - (this is our first option)


[sic]Coaching - note the [sic] is an editing mark, and part of our services providing editing for college applications. Not sure if it looks too messy to incorporate the play on words with [sic]. That's why we need help.

Our full name is "Social Impact College Coaching"

Top 3 Things

Social impact/social entrepreneurship. Accessibility. Education.


Suggestive rather than spelling it out too much. The text of the name says most of it already. We want to communicate with the font, color scheme, and logo/art, but without having the image work too hard to do it.

Additional Info

We are a nonprofit team committed to disrupt an increasingly profitable and inaccessible "industry" of higher education that is full of people who help high school students and families who have the money to pay, but those without such privileges are at a huge disadvantage when competing for admission and finanical aid to quality colleges and universities. We want to level the playing field and have ambitious plans to do so. So we'd love our logo to look innovative, but a bit grassroots, rebellious, and not corporate in any way. The corporations are ruining higher education, and they are in our way, and in the way of most all young people trying to get a great education and help change the world.



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