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Snowdrop Media is a new media company that specializes in local business development and online marketing. We're a virtual startup offering an innovative suite of tools to help small business owners develop an online brand, track their online reputations, and implement a dynamic marketing strategy. We also publish and operate a diverse media portfolio of websites.

Our target audience includes small business owners, online content publishers and communities, and anyone looking to extend their market reach online. Overall we try to cater to a more youthful demographic.

Font selection is up to you, but we personally love Gotham, Whitney, Helvetica, and VAG Rounded.

We see the logo as being a small vector illustration of some sort, along with the word "snowdrop". A snowdrop is a type of flower, but the logo can also reflect the two words individually, "snow" (cold) and "drop". We really like fresh greens and blues, especially when paired with a darker grey. We also really like the fun, friendly aspects of modern design, though minimalism is very important.

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