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Smooks is basically a design studio for helmets

we currently do motorcycle and bicycle helmets

the pictures attached illustrates best what we do

we try to brand our helmets as cooler, younger and different from most helmet manufacturer's traditional design.

our logo does not support this message !!!

for many different reasons we ask that the new logo will resemble the old one in a sense

it should revolve the same color palate and remind ppl of the old logo (though font should be changed)

it should state "old logo retouched"

feel free to go wild within reason as long as the logo reminds the old one even a bit and has that "feel" of what we are trying to convey.

it doesn't need to be a word standing on itself it could have "what-have-you's" surrounding it.

also please keep in mind the following facts:

* we are a design studio in general

and not only for helmets and motorcycle related objects. please have no helmets embedded as part of the design. and no motorcycles too.

* we sell internationally

* our name should stand out and be the main focus of attention.

* don't add the "specially designed helmets" part

- im attaching some reference pictures of our old logo and the product.



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