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--- [[ About us ]] ---

Distilled Brilliance is a small consultancy with four partners based in Charlottesville, VA. We're pretty young and have been growing fast. However, we think our logo is confusing people -- over the past few months, as our popularity has started getting around, a small fraction of people invariably think we're a natural gas company, probably owing to the fact that our logo does in fact look something like a blue flame. D'oh! It's not affecting business, but we'd rather not have this issue.

Enter crowdSPRING and its talented pool of creative professionals! We're looking for you to help us get a better logo.

--- [[ What we need ]] ---

We want to convey that we're a effective, talented, and boutique software consultancy.

The full logo should have a text portion that is our corporate name ("Distilled Brilliance") and a separate graphical element. The graphical element should appear to the left of the text portion. We're looking for a single logo with four variants:

* suitable for white background

* suitable for dark/black background

* monochrome logo (we use this for printing t-shirts and the like)

* monochrome logo, but with the graphical element on top instead of to the side

--- [[ Target audience ]] ---

Technically-minded customers who understand the value of good software are our main audience. We also want to attract other people interested in software in general.

--- [[ Designs we like ]] ---

We're a fan of the elegance of SimpleBits (http://simplebits.com), the geekery of StackOverflow (http://stackoverflow.com), and the generic unfathomable "this looks technical-ish, right?" aura of 37signals (http://37signals.com).

--- [[ Constraints ]] ---

We very much prefer:

* Blue or neutral color palette (it matches some other branding we have).

* Reuse of the Klavika font in our corporate title (for the same reason). But if you have a choice you think is better, we're down with that. A different weight of Klavika is also okay.

For technical reasons, the logo must meet a few criteria:

* Solid colors only; no gradients. We have a good chunk of printed material, and gradients tend not to print well if our clients reprint our material.

* Minimize number of different colors. (Many colors makes it expensive for us to print large quantities of things because our local printer has to switch to a different, more expensive printing process when there are more colors or if we need full color.)

* No stylized text on our corporate name. The words "Distilled Brilliance" have to be unaltered from the shapes you'd get from whatever you use font. Stylized text elsewhere is fine.



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