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My Secret Stash

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If you can imagine Willy Wonka, but with all soaps, lotions, potions, fizzes, scrubs and bubbles. That's where I am. We are moving to a more urban rustic look similar to http://www.skinnyskinny.com/ but maybe not so much rough hewn looking, and definitely featuring more color. My products are all hand crafted, and very cool. My customer is hip and fun and a little funky, maybe a hipster, and could shop at Lush or Renegade Craft Fairs, not Walmart! The goal is to build My Secret Stash (or your Secret Stash ;) ) so everyone can enjoy a little decadent treat.

I do use organic ingredients and essential oils, but am not banging that "green" drum - though a hint or touch of that feel is more than welcome. Mix it up!

I'm looking for a logo, then will be running another listing for label designs as well.

I really like http://www.biggsandfeather.com/ for their use of color tying in to fragrance families, but their logo is a bit unexciting to me. I'm open to just text in a stylized way for my logo, but theirs doesn't stand out on the jars for example.

http://www.cellardoorsoapco.com/ I like the graphic and logo together

http://www.skinnyskinny.com/ I like the way the logo is worked into the labels both horizontally and vertically.

I realize this is a logo project but feel you can get a sense of what my products are like by seeing some of my "competitors" This logo will be used in vertical lotion bottle labels, wrapped soap bars, candle tin wrap labels, salt scrub jar wrap labels, and circular lid labels (on top of the jar). I have attached below some of the templates that I use so you can get an idea how small the logo amy be, but keep in mind I still use it in full size signage and banners in my trade shows.

We often use the tagline "Get your hands on my Stash" Feel free to use it or not or if you have a fun and funny idea, throw it out there! I want to be quite open. We do carry a pretty funny, cheeky monkey sense of humor. Our #1 item is the Dew Me Bar, which leaves your skin dewey soft. You get the hint.

My current logo is attached, and my problem is that it is square, which is hard to fit without taking over the label or disappearing. I'm so excited to see what you all do!

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

High end ingredients, Hand crafted (not home made), Fun (it's soap and scrubs, not rocket science!)

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

I'm open! Image and Text, or a cool text only design is cool. Take it where you like and I promise to comment along the way!
I added my current logo (square below) just to see where I was.



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