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Founded in 1979, the Skin Cancer Foundation (skincancer.org) is the only international organization devoted solely to combating the world's most common form of cancer, now occurring at epidemic levels.

The Foundation sets the standard for educating the public and the medical profession about skin cancer, its prevention by means of sun protection, and the need for early detection and prompt, effective treatment.

For more information on our work to raise Skin Cancer awareness, please follow us on Twitter (@skincancerorg) and Facebook (facebook.com/skincancerfoundation)


The Skin Cancer Foundation wants to create an icon to help promote Skin Cancer Awareness, which we intend to launch during Skin Cancer Awareness Month (May). This icon would work much like the LiveStrong bracelet or Breast Cancer Ribbon the intent is for users to adopt this icon in order to show solidarity with our cause, and help to raise awareness around the skin cancer epidemic facing our country.

The icon will primarily be used as a badge that can be placed on our followers social profiles and websites. (For an example, see www.twibbon.com) As such, the icon needs to be simple enough that it is understandable at a very small size.

Ideally, the final execution would be comprised of three elements: the icon (which will be separated out and used as a standalone) the words May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month and a border or background field that encompasses the overall design.

We ask all designers who submit to this project to start by submitting concepts for the icon by itself this is the most important element of the design. We will work with you to add the border and text further along in the process.

The icon should address the concept of sun safety and healthy skin.

Pending our success in getting users to adopt this icon, it may be used on print materials, wearable goods or other promotional items in the future.


While our goal is to spread our message of Skin Cancer awareness and sun protection as broadly as possible, our focus is on reaching an audience segment that has a higher propensity to put themselves at risk, and the ability to make the largest impact on their lives: Teens and young adults.

Often, these individuals make the decision to expose themselves to the sun because of a cultural perception that they must be tan to be attractive. These types of perceptions are deep-rooted, and ignore the long-term risks of exposure. We appeal to this audience by reinforcing the beauty of natural, healthy skin, and through education that demonstrates the tangible health risks of long term sun exposure.


As mentioned earlier, we like the simplicity and utility of the Breast Cancer Ribbon (http://bit.ly/d14Bo3 ) and LiveStrong bracelet (http://bit.ly/bngZUO)

We like that both these designs are fairly simple, clearly identifiable even at small sizes and somewhat abstract. This helps followers adopt the icon into their own personal lives, in a way that works for them without forcing them to incorporate a blatant or overly commercial-seeming logo into their lives.

In general, the icon shouldnt feel like an ad. Its an unobtrusive accessory that helps people make a statement about themselves and their viewpoint, not our brand.


Were interested in creating something new and uniquely ours that is clearly linked with Skin Cancer and Sun Protection as a concept.

We prefer to leave the direction as open as possible, in order to allow you to be creative, but wed like the final design to be complementary (from a color standpoint) to the Foundations approved blue & gold color palette (which is included in the attached style guide). You can also use the design of our logo (also attached) for inspiration/style.

That said, the final design of the icon should be unique from our logo and brand.



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