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About Your Company

I work in the music industry as electronic music producer and dj (my artist name is Nora En Pure). My weekly radioshow is called purified and also my events will be called this way. So the name and the font are already given. I just need a sort of symbol, or logo with it.


Logo Usage
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Logo Text

"purified" is already given. please see the font in the uploaded files. The symbol should obiously fit greatly to the writing.

Top 3 Things

My music is raw, exotic, nature-inspired, uses organic instruments, creates a sort of wanderlust, melodic but still quite classy and elegant. The logo should be showing that and be timeless also.


Since it is nature inspired I was thinking around bird silhouettes, plants, leaves, drops etc. But it should still be a little edgy.
Just a palm tree, leaf or drop wont suffice at all. It should not remind of a "purified" that you will read on a water bottle.

Shapes that have convinced me most so far was a rhombus or rather kite shape with the longer end looking up, which resembles a drop but with straight lines and edges.
Or a combination of 5 of these shapes or maybe rathe pointed leafs - see the uploaded files.
So the winning logo should look sort of like those drafts I uploaded.
Of course you can feel free and present also a different idea.

Since this will be used in many different occasions it should also look good just black on white or white on black without any colours or gradings. The font and logo should be changeable with colours depending on e.g. theme events that we do. So it is about the shape and symbol itself not any colouring.

Additional Info

I have always liked the Ushuaia club logo / Ibiza, which is a kolibri with open wings - simple yet very elegant and exotic:

Some music labels have already a drop as a logo:

Also palmtrees are often used already. Even though my music is exotic, i dont want it to look tropical. That is too "cheesy". It should definitely be a bit edgy.
The logo can be behind "purified" or in front or on top or below or behind, as long as it looks good.

It will be used on prints, tshirts and even parts of the stages will be built in this shape. But important for the file format is that we have to be able to adjust it in different colour grades or textures according to themes. So please bare that in mind and make it available in all the common file extensions. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE SHAPE OR SILHOUETTE :)



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