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Simple Sleep

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1. Resource Simple Sleep is a resource for mothers and families to learn about sound, white noise and sleep for the purpose of helping them create ideal sleep environments for the babies, children and themselves - with a focus on sound.

2. Ideal Sleep Environment We help you perfect the three components of an ideal sleep environment: the right temperature, the correct lighting and the natural absence of noise. The ideal sleep environment is comfortable, relaxing and zen. An ideal sleep environment is

- Warm, but not hot
- Quiet, but not sterile
- Light, but not bright
- Natural, but not weak
- Safe, but not restrictive

3. Wake Awake Parents are always struggling to help their babies sleep better. We are constantly reading books, talking to friends and scouring the internet for resources to help our families sleep better so that we can wake up energized and have productive days. Our products dont just create an ideal sleep environment, they give you and your family opportunity to rest and wake up AWAKE ready to go to school or work more energized and able.

4. Safe Solution We all want to protect our children and make sure their environments are safe and conducive to their mental and physical growth. Parents will do almost anything to ensure the best for their children including ensuring they get a good nights sleep. We shouldnt have to trade safety for sleep.

Our products are natural, organic and safe. They are designed specifically to be used in nurseries, childrens rooms and your home. We think a good nights sleep is a quiet nights sleep.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Image and text, with an image that can stand on its own and be utilized independently from the text.

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

https://www.lucieslist.com/ - Friendly, inviting, simple. Appeals to mothers.
http://projectnursery.com/ - Simple, resources and ecommerce.
https://www.honest.com/baby - Natural, clean.
https://www.shophushbaby.com/ - Quiet.



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