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We are a mother and son real estate team. We have a combined 55 years of real estate and marketing experience. We are associated with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agency. Our target are sellers looking to sell their home....and buyers looking to buy their dream home. Age of target varies greatly...25+


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naperville life (with a variation that includes ".com")

Top 3 Things

- uncompromising integrity
- honesty
- professionalism

But have a sense of fun & aspiration too...stay away from a logo that looks like it's for a law firm.


IMPORTANT - IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS...please ask...I will be paying close attention to this project and will be providing feedback to all designs submitted ASAP. If you are unclear about something...ask before you start designing...I'm a firm believer in not wasting your valuable time.

We need a logo that will cut thru the noise out there...simple to remember. We're leveraging the highly reconizable name of our town..."Naperville". It's a place where folks WANT to live. Our agency, Coldwell Banker, is known worldwide...we want "naperville life" to be known locally as the group of agents you need to work with under the Coldwell Banker umbrella.

FYI - I'm not a fan of the Coldwell Banker logo...it's too heavy and that font just seems outdated. Unfortunately our new logo will be hanging out with the Coldwell Banker logo. But OUR logo needs to be more "today"...more tuned into today's generation of buyers and sellers. Today the "hot" agencies are Redfin and Compass (see logos on attachment)...both have super simple logos.

As to our logo...and your mission...I'm thinking I want to stay away from a "mark"...let "naperville life" become the logo itself. See attachment for a thought mock up I did...I know you can take what I mocked up and make it so much better. DO NOT take my mock-up as exactly what I'm looking for! CREATE!

Since I'm thinking I don't want a "mark"...this may not be important to note...but PLEASE stay away from the generic graphic home and "wave" logos we see popping up all over the place in real estate...we know you've got more than that. (I've included several of those generic logos on an attachment)

Something you need to consider when designing the logo...we are agents licensed with Coldwell Banker.......our full agency name is "Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage". SEE LOGO ON ATTACHMENT. Legally we MUST include the "Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage" logo along with our "naperville life" logo SOMEWHERE in EVERYTHING we do...on business cards...billboards...brochures...everything printed and on our website. Our new logo needs to play well with the Coldwell Banker logo. The Coldwell Banker logo blue is PMS 280C (deep blue)....four color process match is 100C, 72M, 0Y, 18K. Logo is on attachment.. You can see the Coldwell Banker portion of the logo has a gradiant blue background and a 3D design. I would like to stay with that kind of blue treatment...and adding the gradiant is cool....but don't go with a 3D font.

FYI - I've included a few logos we like on the attachment. Perhaps use them as a firestarter for your design.

Additional Info

Our town, Naperville, is not only one of the most desirable areas to live in outside of the Chicago area...our town is one of the most highly desired areas to live in the country. Naperville, IL seems to always be ranked in the "Top Ten" lists when it comes to all things positive as it relates to community and livability.

We need our clients to feel like they're dealing with the best of the best...regardless of whether they're buying or selling a $250,000 or $2.0 million home.

Purchasing a home is the single largest investment you will make in your lifetime...

Thought I would include our mission statement also....

We are based in the Chicagoland suburb of Naperville, IL. We are founded on the principle that our clients deserve the highest level of personal service. This, coupled with the use of the latest technology, ensures that our clients will be able to make a well informed decision based on their individual needs. Our goal is for each and every client we work with...to feel completely comfortable and confident during the entire buying or selling process.

We hold ourselves to the highest degree of excellence when it comes to communication. Our responsiveness, reliability and keen attention to detail will gain not only your trust, but your loyalty in all your future real estate needs.



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