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Creative Brief

Who are you?

SHIPIT.org is a unique platform which exists to organize and centralize a poker players web activities. Its platform displays a player's own "front page news" through the utilization of 1) a democratic voting system to streamline content based on popularity and 2) a list of customization features. Players can easily craft their specialized poker world, follow and communicate with players, as well as vote on user activity. SHIPIT.org represents the evolution of the Global Poker Community by developing the tools necessary to engage and promote poker activities, games and players.

What do you need?

We need a slick logo that will be used as the face of the company.

Who Is Your Audience?

The poker marketplace; males ages 16-80. I think I covered the impression above.


We Like These Examples

Attached files. These drawings are what I have come up with up to this point. Consider them recommended guidelines for the type of logo we are looking for. But by all means if you come up with a unique way to mix chip and globe, we are by no means attached to these drawings.

We Absolutely Must Have

We want to create this feeling of an all encompassing, close, global poker community (that actually has physically communities all over it, yes thats right, real people in real communities). So color is important, the world needs to be alive. Not sure where "SHIPIT.org" should go on there, I tried sticking it in the middle and have it wrap around the globe, maybe that works.
The concept of mixing a poker chip and a globe is extremely important, I have pretty much thought this through, but my artistic vision only goes so far. Play around with it, be creative. It needs to look very 3-dimensional, with a slick feel to it (like in our commercials lol the globe could be spinning and the chip with it, so you can clearly tell that it is a globe within a chip). I also liked the idea of a sort of grid feel (connected world, attached), representing connection and interactivity among this live global poker community.



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