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Team Sheehy Logo Design Project. There are three Components of the logo in this project.

I. Logo

The company name for the logo is Sheehy Team (but may be switched to Team Sheehy)

The company is an investment real estate agency and brokerage.

The three suggested colors for the logo:

1. Blue

2. Gray

3. White (or black)

Key will be a unique font presentation. We do not want a standard or widely available font. We will ask for the names of the fonts used in the design.

All materials in this design will be used for presentation materials, website, business cards, letterhead and all imaging materials.


The brand and experience theme is that of a sporting event and sports team. The logo should represent that theme.

While the theme is sports, the logo should be classy and traditional. Think: traditional college such as Notre Dame & Yale and NOT arena football

The logo will be combined with a company mascot image (see below)

II. Mascot

Mascot is a Blue Heron. Please note: BLUE Heron and not another species

The mascot image should be consistent with the logo as often they will be used together.

The mascot should be strong, regal and aggressive. Again, think traditional college mascot. No cartoonish or silly mascots

Use same colors as logo.

III. Sports Emblem

This is a Letter or mark that would be an extension of the logo/mascot. For example: A letter or emblem that would fit on a baseball cap or a lettermans jacket.

Style Guidelines

The logo and the mascot should be able to work together or separately.

The emblem should be part of the Logo/Mascot and easily recognizable as an extension of the logo and/or logo mascot.



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