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Shared Vision Psychological Services is a not-for-profit organization created to serve the needs of children, adolescents, adults, families, schools and other organizations, agencies and professionals promoting the welfare of all community members.

Mission: We use the principles of psychology to build strong connections among children, adults, schools and communities, develop innovative partnerships with other professionals to promote wellness, and train a new generation of clinicians to support growth and change.

Vision: A world in which people have learned to live life fully.

Tag Line: Everyone deserves success

We need a logo to use on our business cards, web site, stationery, etc. that captures/symbolizes a sense of community.

Patients and professionals in the field of mental health and education.

Potential contributors to this not-for-profit organization.

Diagnostic, therapy, internship and postdoctoral trainees who will consider participating in our clinical training programs.

We want to emphasize support for one another --

We are really looking for a logo that helps us to create our brand in the minds of potential clients, groups with whom we will continue to establish partnerships, and financial contributors.

Logo Blackman 0021 [Glow Z His Return Logo]

Moonsky Entertainment [clopez 40]

Greendazzle by logeko

Cyprus Teas Logo by Beau

Canyon Springs Pool Bar by Danart

e.s.a by logeko

celebr8years [Blackman 0021]

AlternativeLondon2012 by Rambler 001

Island Dreams by One Summer

Cliff by Akago

Alasko by red banana

We probably would not select any design in a bright neon color but do tend to favor greens, purples, magentas, -- but it can't look too feminine-- after all, this is a mental health facility that also provides consultation to school and physicians. Something sleek and professional will be ideal.

We do not need a literal sign and DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT images of anything to do with VISION (e.g., eyes, glasses, etc.). Images of "Helping Hands" are definitely over done and seem like clip art, which we don't want.

The artists might want to use our name or our tag line in the design, and we'll leave this up to each artist.



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