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Shanghai Research

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Consulting and Professional Services

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Professionalism & Hard Work
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Delivery & Results

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The Shanghai Research Consultancy works in collaboration with international research agencies, universities, corporations, NGOs, private foundations, and government bodies to bring closer together all parties involved in both grass roots, fundamental, and applied research fields. Globally, our collective brainpowers potential has yet to be realized.

In a world increasingly defined by ideas and the pursuit of knowledge, the Shanghai Research Consultancys mission is to help better understand the world of knowledge creation, and to bring key stakeholders together so as to help improve the world for everyone. By helping channel research funding more effectively the Shanghai Research Consultancy helps to further our understanding of the world around us, and help humankind develop solutions for our most pressing challenges such as global climate change, a more sustainable energy, water and food future for us all, and the fights against HIV / AIDS, Alzheimers, Cancer and Malaria.

The primary objective of the Shanghai Research Consultancy is to increase international awareness and focus upon the importance of open and objective research based problem solving, and to foster collective approaches to the myriad of questions humankind is yet to answer. We still know very little, the Shanghai Research Consultancy strives for greater understanding and knowledge for us all.

By working alongside select strategic partners internationally, the Shanghai Research Consultancy works to inspire all generations, and in particular great young minds towards helping to build upon the foundation of knowledge that humankind has developed. We aim to help overcome major global challenges, and answer the myriad of unknown questions that pertain to our existence and surroundings.

Here is a link to a Pinterest board of logos that I like with regards to this project... Similar to the board, I am most interested in a very clean design that uses innovative font and design techniques to communicate the professional nature of the company...


Please message me with any questions, the company is quite new and original so I fully expect people to need clarification on some points...

Best of luck!

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