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The firm needs four (4) edgy yet respectable custom logos, including one (1) MAIN parent logo and three (3) SUB brand variations, as follows:

1. Revolt Ware (parent development firm), primary colors = black/gray/white

2. RhythmRevolt.com (online music social marketplace), color = orange

3. ReelRevolt.com (online video social marketplace), color = red

4. ShutterRevolt.com (online photography social marketplace), color = blue


ALL THREE SUB-BRAND LOGOS MUST FOLLOW A CENTRAL THEME to fit within one brand portfolio underneath Revolt Ware. They must look good together AND as stand-alone brands.

The Revolt Ware team is keen on one particular design idea (although we welcome your unique vision too): Tattered battle flags/banners of varying colors symbolizing a rough but successful revolt!

Format = vector (IA and/or EPS)

Theme = somewhat edgy but clean and legible

Palette = black, gray, white

You can use exotic RGB blends (3D effects, shading, detail) but we must also receive clean, flat, vector versions for various production methods like embroidery, silkscreen, stamping.


Revolt Ware is a parent-brand name representing two distinct but related businesses:

A: Web Services.

Target Market = large ad agencies and companies > $100m annual revenue.

The services side of the firm operates globally under the parent-brand name Revolt Ware. It provides industry-leading web development and consulting services to ad agencies and corporations wanting cutting-edge interactive capabilities for richer Internet marketing and communications with their publics.

B: Web Solutions

Target Market = businesses/individuals looking to buy/sell independent creative work, ages 15-35.

The solutions side of Revolt Ware develops and manages unique websites that enable independent individuals to market and sell their own creations, similar to how MySpace empowers independent musicians. Revolt Ware operates a total of seven separate sites under sub-brand names.


The Revolt Ware identity is meant to symbolize breaking free of traditional/standard/corporate web structures and business systems, with tools that favor and empower the individual/community.

Architecture = parent-brand with stand-alone sub-brands on the solutions side

Objective = conceptually flexible for diverse business and creative markets

Proposition = Industry-leading online tools/systems

Personality = extreme tech savoir-faire plus friendly community energy

Positioning = expert web development and/or web community partner

Common thread = value-added resource

Thank you in advance for sharing your artistic skills.



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