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There are no client updates at this time.

We create web applications that help professionals get stuff done. We're not a stuffy old corporation, but we're also not a social network for teens.

Right now we have 3 services, with a 4th on the way.

- WebSort.net helps website owners gather input on the structure of their site, through a method called "card sorting."

- GuapoVideo.com gives researchers an online way to analyze, edit, and share the hours of video interviews they've collected.

- HavingThingsDone.com enables busy people to outsource tasks to capable college students.

The "umbrella" company for all of these services is Lime & Chile Productions, or LimeChile for short.

We need a set of logos for all of the above: the three services and the parent company. We'd like for the logos to share some common characteristic so that they feel at least like distant cousins, but they don't necessarily need to be a tight-knit family. We hope you'll find this project an efficient use of your time, compared to the effort required to work on 4 separate logo projects.

We like colors with energy, but tend toward a more sophisticated palette rather than bright primaries.

The logos should work well at a relatively small size.

We like clean, simple designs with elegant typography (probably sans-serif, but we're prepared to be wowed by something unexpected!) that don't try to incorporate too many ideas. We don't want reflections, starbursts, or anything else that will disappear once the web upgrades to 2.1

A few final notes:

- Adding the .com or .net is not necessary.

- The Lime & Chile Productions logo can just use LimeChile



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