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Branding of services is even more important than branding of products since the customer has no tanglble way to assess the brand. So, whether you are involved in retail, transport, acccounting, mechanic, plumbing, computer services, restaurant, tourism, distribution, food services, or other sectors, the logo is an important element of your brand. Work with professional logo designers on crowdspring and start building your brand for as little as $299, including all fees. Risk-free, affordable and quick.

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Talented designers, lots of choice.

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Work you'll love, guaranteed.

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Award-winning customer support.

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Protect your intellectual property.

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Elements of a great service industry logo.

The phenomenal growth in the service sector has led to inreased competition, and branding has become an important key to gain a competitive advantage over other service businesses. This is because services are intangible and as a result, you have to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Many service businesses think that their customers are actually buying their expertise. But customers can’t evaluate expertise unless they previously hired you to do something for them. When they evaluate service providers, what they’re actually buying is a relationship with you and your business and only they can tell you if the relationship or chemistry with you is good.

That's where good branding can help. If you want your service industry business to succeed, you should consider a professionally designed, custom logo.

People have many options when it comes to hiring service providers. Just open up the Yellow Pages and look at how many service providers are listed for any service category. While many different things influence their decision, your branding is one of the important elements.

The creative power of crowdspring is unmatched anywhere.

Crowdspring is the first stop for any aspiring entrepreneur, whether bootstrapped or VC-backed. The creative power of the their crowd is unmatched anywhere.

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Why professional, custom service industry logos are best.

Whether your company is involved in retail, transport, acccounting, mechanic, plumbing, computer services, restaurant, tourism, distribution, food services, or other sectors, the logo is an important element of your business brand identity. Nothing less than a unique identity will do.

Successful brands have a consistent look and feel in everything they put in front of their customers. One of the major benefits of this kind of consistency is that it provides easy recognition among consumers. An easily recognized service brand benefits from exposure alone. As customers are exposed to a service brand more often, they become more inclined to like it. That's one reason why so many service providers decide to put wraps on their vans or other work vehicles. It's free advertising as they move around to service customers. It's also why many service businesses ask their employees to wear branded t-shirts, shirts, jackets, or hats - so that both their customers and others who see these people can recognize your service brand.

If you're happy with your business, maybe you don't need to worry about your brand and can just continue to do what you're already doing. But if you're looking to grow your business, you must invest in your brand and take it to the next level. That's because branding of services is even more important than branding of products since the customer has no tanglble way to assess the brand.

But be careful! Stay away from clip art, recycled ideas, public domain art, and templates. And don't be tempted by free logo design services, or automated online logo creators or logo makers. All of those will give your service business a logo that looks like tens of thousands of other services businesses and will make it impossible for you to stand out in a very competitive market.

Having a quality logo can make or break your service business and the good news is that professional logo design for your services business doesn't have to cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Work with professional logo designers on crowdspring and get a professional, custom logo for as little as $299, including all fees.

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