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SIH is a holistic, integrative care facility that focuses on a patient-first, value-based approach to healthcare. Unlike traditional medicine, we do not simply address the patient's symptom but instead dig deeper to find the root-cause of their affliction through lifestyle management and natural therapies. We are also a group of internist docs so we will include pharmaceuticals when necessary in our treatment (integrative care). We are famous for putting our patients first in all we do, an excellent example of this being that our consultations are an hour or longer. We feel as though patients want more from their healthcare providers and so we're here to offer just that. As a wellness center we offer our patients doctor consultations, IV therapies, healthy drinks/food options ayurvedic treatment solutions and more. Our goal is to be able to offer all of the services our patients need under one roof.


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Salus Integrative Health

Top 3 Things

Holistic/functional medicine approach/root cause medicine, eye-catching/interesting, trustworthy


It should be somewhat clear what we do by looking at the logo. This may or may not involve a tree or natural color schemes depending on the artist's inclination. We don't want anything that looks like traditional healthcare and we don't want anything too busy. This should be simple, catchy and clear in the way it delivers our message. We don't want our logo to be mistaken for a landscaping company so please be sure it remains professional with a natural/integrative twist. Thanks!

Additional Info

I would be happy to provide additional information to anyone that asks. Just post your question with your entry. I will include some links to resources that help convey our message.
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