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We are a RV Dealership specializing in the consignment of RV's. We sell used and new RV's and travel trailers. Please visit our website at www.rvarizona.com to view our site, business model and information.


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Consignment Specialists

Top 3 Things

1) Our name: RV Arizona
2) Our subname: Consignment Specialists
3) Our other image logo: Mr. RV Consignment


The attached RV Arizona logo was created for us by a wonderful creative from Crowdspring in June 2017. We want to continue to utilize this logo and incorporate the words "Consignment Specialists" underneath the words RV Arizona. We are open to specific elements of the current logo being revised to further accentuate the overall look while incorporating the words Consignment Specialists.
In addition, we would like a secondary version of the new logo that incorporates our other image logo "Mr. RV Consignment" that we use in our advertising. Again, we are open to our current logo being revised/updated in order to incorporate the Mr. RV Consignment image.

Additional Info

We want to maintain the bold identity of the current logo and keep the current coloring of reds, whites, blues and blacks.

Please go to our website www.RVArizona.com to view further information about our business concept/model and how our logo is currently used.

This new logo will be used on our website and in our print advertising and forms. We also need the winning logo to be scaled for use on our large illuminated outdoor sign (9' ft. in overall height by 25'Ft. in overall length).



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