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Who we are:

Current website: www.juliebarnhill.com

Blog: www.juliebarnhill.blogspot.com

FB: Julie Patrick-Barnhill

Twitter: JulieBarnhill

Amazon/B&N: Author

Core purpose propelling content/community/communication & design features/color palette: "Helping spiritually hungry know & follow hard after Jesus. (TM)"

Image summarizing the heart & feel we're looking for: www.gettyimages.com. Search: Creative (RM)

#85261017 Photonica

Keywords: radiant, free, reckless abandon, joy, intentional, following, pursuit, path, compelled, refuge, haven, sanctuary, gentle, loving, trusting obedience.

What we need/who we reach:

* Design/logo to succinctly convey refocused purpose; moving away from 'personality' driven site and message to one of a 'value-driven/community' mission; providing resources, teaching, & relationship to spur an individual passion in women to pursue joyful, abandoned, and intentional Christian formation.

* Current website, twitter, FB (Julie Patrick-Barnhill), books, writing, must meld message with primary logo and morph into forthcoming web social community site vs stand-alone web site.

* Target Audience: Broad - all women desiring to respond to the compelling call of Christ; as well as those who have yet to respond or recognize such pursuit. Specific - 22 -55 year old women. Women seeking Christian "community" online; techno savvy; huge podcast users; women weary of life's grind; Christian women burn-out on frenzied pressure of spiritual achievement.

What we like:

* Colors - those which evoke warmth, safety, joy, without looking campy or sappy. We HATE sappy, Victorian-era, cheesy, and anything beige and flat. As well as austere, cold, flat, pink, coral, pea green, or ecru. Vivacious without trying too hard. Crisp and clean but not corporate or cold.

* Fonts - this is why I'm posting to crowdspring! Same guidelines as above for fonts.

What we MUST have:

*Absolute feel of relationship; unity; "you-centered (viewer/reader/listener)"; professional and tight while maintaining personal touch of who we are (see web site for specifics); message that transcends past and current speaking topics (again, see web site for info.); BROAD unbrella logo/palette to launch new site and purpose for years forthcoming.

The logo and palette will drive the community site etc. In all likelihood, we'll be posting for designs in that area as well. We added all sorts of thoughts as to best allow you a glimpse of who we are and what we are desiring to accomplish.



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