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Rubberduck Media Lab has never focused on a uniform corporate brand and product identity. It is now time to ensure that our entire market facing presence is consistent with who we are, what we do, our positioning in our industry, as well as optimized for who we speak to (both on a company level and a individual level). The resulting corporate, brand and product identity will then be the cornerstone by which all communications are guided.

Let me tell you about us...

Rubberduck Media delivers an end-to-end solution set that enables our customers to easily and cost-effectively manage, distribute and monetize their live and archived video assets to mobile handsets and devices. Our solutions can be categorized into 3 categories:

1. Studio:1 Platform

2. Services

3. Products

Studio:1 Platform

The core of our offering. Studio:1 is a hosted Platform that supports all the functionality needed to manage our customers mobile TV and Video business. It allows our customers to Ingest, Adapt, Manage and Deliver their mobile content to mobile devices.

Studio:1 Premium Services

a. Fast channel switching

b. Dynamic bit rate adaptation (DBA)

c. Network Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

d. Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

e. Advertising (ad insertion)

f. Subscriber Management System (SMS)

g. iLive event Manager

Media Services

i. Consulting

ii. Custom reporting

iii. Billing clearance and settlement

iv. Content administration

v. Shop administration

vi. Managed Services package

Media Products

a. TV and Video application

i. Supported for Java apps as well as native OS Apps

b. Bookmark application

c. PC client

Support documents provided:

o Corporate and product brochure (4 page PDF). The format is old, but the information is still valid.

o Visual Outline Rubberduck Master Doc (4 slide powerpoint)

o www.rubberduckmedialab.com (generally outdated, but worth a look)

NOTE: all items underlined and highlighted in red are items that are candidates for a stronger identity. They are are products or a key part of our offering and could potentially be branded or given a naming convention that is descriptive and adds to their value. (Studio:1 Premium Services, Subscriber Managment System, iLive event Manager, Media Services, Media Products, TV and Radio application, Bookmark Application)

Here is what we need...

A logo for our company, Rubbertduck Media. Our existing logo can be found on the 4 page PDF attached to this project.

Rubberduck Media is trying to pinpoint its brand and corporate identity. This starts with the logo. While the logo is generally thought as the only real "professionally" planned and executed element that our team has created - and we have a general positive impression of our existing logo - we have not been able to take that starting point and create an identity that is in fitting with our industry, us as a company and our target customers. We need a logo (very different or a 5% variation of what we have today) that can then become the centerpiece of our story.

Please provide black and white as well as color versions. In addition, please provide versions of any logo submitted with both Rubberduck Media Lab and Rubberduck Media. The company is currently undergoing a decision whether or not to drop Lab from the name.

The current logo is open game change any or all of it OR make only subtle changes. You should know that the graphic containing an element with the duck inside was developed to reflect an application look and feel as in iphone app. This is significant to our business and is a functional element. It is not a mandate that the app element stays, but any element that supports our presence in the mobile space is important.

Please pay special attention to our customers, and how we need to be perceived. It needs to have applications when used on white background, etc (the "normal" and basic elements of usage in different environments - color, black and white, etc).

Our target audience and key factors to convey...

Please see the attached document: "Rubberduck Messaging - Who are we.doc"

Our target audience is any company who wants to take video and deliver it to any mobile device.

Principal targets:

-Wireless carriers who will use us to provide a full mobile TV solution.

-Media companies who will use us to manage their extensive library of content and deliver to mobile devices (either live TV or Video on Demand)

-Corporate entities who wish to deliver video internally:messages to employees, training, product information, etc, OR externally: product training, product information, corporate information, commercials, etc.

---emphasis on carriers and media companies

Our audience within these companies is generally C-level for the smaller companies; and VP and Director level (sales, marketing, technical) and sometimes CTO's for larger companies.

Please see our brief for personality information. but briefly, we need our potential customers to have confidence in our company. to know that we bring (more*) experience, (more*) expertise and that we are a dynamic company with a rich (for this industry) background. Importantly, we bring an entrepreneurial spirit that ensures we work WITH our partners to help them make their entry into mobile TV and Video delivery. We provide a solution set that is easy to implement, robust and as a company we are are easy to work with to deliver this solution. Our corporate name and identity is intelligently fun. We bring this to our client services. We work with our partners to create mobile success.

*more. RDML was first company in europe to commercially stream live tv and radio, first to stream live olympic coverage,etc. Europe has been 2-3 years ahead of the US with regards to mobile streaming.

We like these designs...

below are comments about our current logo.

we like the iphone app feel that our current duck has. we believe this subtly adds mobile credence to our principal icon. This also has potential uses as we bring demo apps to market later.

we are concerned that the "Media" part of Rubberduck Media Lab is not accentuated enough.

Internally, there are different thoughts about our current use of color, in particular black, in our overall scheme. The concern is not the use of black itself, but the end result still being a B2B presentation to Tier I companies and their senior execs.

surprise us, inspire us. we need fresh input.

our endgame is a fresh and defined personality - this is just the first step.

Some final notes...

Surprise us, inspire us. we need fresh input.

This is the first of several upcoming projects (we'll post the next project - website design - after this one is completed, and following that, a print design project for corporate and product brochures). We've attached a number of documents to give you a flavor of our existing company and product branding and to tell you more about us. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.



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