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The Royal Order of Good Cheer is a gaming community supporting the mission of spreading charity, creativity and camaraderie.

Our target audience is male and female gamers (ages 20-40) who are looking for a positive gaming community.


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Royal Order of Good Cheer

Top 3 Things

1- Community
2- Charity
3- Creativity


The Royal Order of Good Cheer was originally an historical organization founded by the French settlers of Canada to help improve morale. We would like to conjure that historical feel.

Consider woodcut style, or perhaps a coat-of-arms inspiration but without a literal shield.

We would like our logo to conjure up feelings of community and belonging. Members should feel proud to wear it.

Additional Info

The Royal Order is a constructive community where gamers can build each other up in a healthy environment, create ownership and belonging.

Please see the files I've uploaded for inspiration. Thanks!



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