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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Roots, Shoots & Greens (www.rootsshootsandgreens.com) teaches you to confidently and easily create home cooked vegan meals. The brand has a personal one on one feel I want you to feel like I am personally helping you to be a more successful cook and lead a healthier life.

RS&G is marketed to vegans so all our meals are meat-free, dairy-free and egg-free. Most dishes are sugar-free and gluten-free. We have live cooking classes in NYC and are working on a video version of a class for people who are unable to attend the NYC based classes. While our classes are vegan the cooking skills that we teach are equally useful to non-vegans so the brand should be attractive to people who shop in local farmers markets and like tasty food who may not consider themselves vegan. The logo/branding should give the look and feel of a farmers market in spring or late summer / early fall abundant, fresh, fragrant, simple and full of possibility.

What do you need?

The logo should feature a the full words Roots, Shoots & Greens and a picture/visual of edible farmers market plants that go with the name roots or root vegetables, shoots and green leafy things. I am open to having either the veggies before they are cooked or have them post-cooking as a meal. I am thinking of either some fruit & veggies or a cross section of a plant. I like more stylized cartoon-y logos things than photo-realistic logos.

The words Roots, Shoots & Greens should be used in the logo (no abbreviations).

The logo is going to be used for a website (currently a direct marketing site), the header for email newsletters, DVD video packaging, monogramming chef jackets and cooking aprons (which could be either white or black) and signage/banners to show the location of live cooking classes. The logo should work both in color and black and white.

Following the logo there will be a DVD cover design so if you win the logo design there is a strong possibility of follow up work.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our target audience is people who are frustrated with their ability to create home-cooked meals with fresh fruits and vegetables. The picture in my head is someone who is standing in the market or in front of the refrigerator and they have no idea how to cook this veggie they have in their hands. The uniting factor in my students is that they are trying to make a change in their diet, they have made a choice to eat more plants and then they have no idea what to do when they step into the kitchen. They are often bored with the one or two dishes that they know how to make and want to broaden their menu choices.
I am initially marketing to vegans but ultimately want to make the brand accessible to anyone who wants to improve their plant based cooking skills (good food is good food). I do not go into why my students pursue a plant based diet my students have diverse reasons for choosing to eat predominately plants, from religious reasons (example Kosher), ethical reasons related to the treatment of animals, environmental reasons or health reasons which could be either a food allergy (example gluten free), weight loss or seeking peak performance.
I want my customers to think fresh veggies & that they will have fun learning.


We Like These Examples

I like the simplicity of the following logos. They all have clean lines and simple flowing designs.
Black & White logos: Lululemon, Nike, Apple, Target, Adidas

Logos with Colors: Jamba Juice, Google, eBay, NBC, Ocean Spray
I like the earthiness of my current card (which is a stock design).

Current card (attached)

We Absolutely Must Have

The company name should be spelled out Roots, Shoots & Greens and no abbreviations should be used.

The logo should work both in color and black and white.



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