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Creative Brief

Who are you?

RobotDough.com is a new web site focused on providing extremely easy to use investment tools for non-professional investors. The tool set will allow users to create and test investment strategies and then save those strategies in the form of "robots." Those robots will watch the stock market on an ongoing basis so the user doesn't have to.

What do you need?

This initial project is to create a logo (icon + font treatment of RobotDough) for the company. This logo will encapsulate the brand and will be used on the web site, business cards, and all marketing materials. We'd like to have both the icon and brand name "RobotDough" in the design. "Robot" and "Dough" can be separated (for example, on two lines).

There is an internal brand conflict that must be managed -- financial sites must be relatively conservative, since they deal with money. However, since this product is relatively new, we must attract forward thinkers -- progressives.

In terms of colors, we like the green that's currently on RobotDough.com. There are a lot of financial sites that use green and blue, so finding a second color that's not blue -- one that suggests riches -- would be wise. E*Trade uses purple, for example. Nothing pastel.

Who Is Your Audience?

The target audience for the RobotDough.com brand are primarily affluent males over the age of 35, with an interesting in managing their own money. They subscribe to the Motley Fool, or AAII.org or similar magazines. Search Quantcast.com for "fool.com" to see demographics. Additionally, the audience is generally conservative with their money and seek high value for their money. They are not ostentatious, but prefer utilitarian brands. Think Warren Buffett, not Goldman Sachs.


We Like These Examples

We like the E*Trade Logo, Merrill Lynch icon especially,

We Absolutely Must Have

Something that suggests (1) the automatic nature of the tools, and (2) making cash. A robot would be nice (and obvious), but it's not absolutely necessary. Definitely no cute robots. Think mechanical. Rivets. Heavy steel. Solid.



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