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Richmond Events organises strategic business forums.

Each business forum is industry focused (e.g. a
Marketing forum or a Finance forum). Our demographic therefore changes from forum to forum but generally it is senior level decision makers in organisations who are financially able and eager to build new business relationships with others in the industry (e.g. Marketing Directors or Finance Directors).

The business forums are made up of 40 % one to one meetings and 60% conference programme. They run for 1-2 days at luxury venues in Italy, US, Switzerland and the UK.

The one to one meetings are between delegates and suppliers.
Delegates = the buyers. The delegates are decision makers at a Director level. Delegates attend for the high quality of workshops and key note speakers and to discover what is available in the market place. They receive complimentary invites.
Suppliers = the sellers. The suppliers are the representatives from companies that would like to provide a service or product to the delegates. The suppliers pay to attend the forums for lead generation. Their aim is to meet senior buyers in face to face meetings to create new business opportunities.
We preschedule the one to one meetings and allow both the delegates and suppliers to choose who they would like to meet at the forum. We make this process as fair as possible.

Our conference programmes provide innovative industry insight.
They are made up of guest speakers (TED talk style speeches) and smaller seminars and workshops that aim to address and overcome current industry specific issues.

• Discover new product and service providers
• Engage with Industry leaders in our conference
• Connect with new industry peers
• Obtain professional development credits through our conference programme
• Build relationships with senior level decision makers
• Have more one-to-one meetings in a shorter amount of time
• Know who you are meeting and their buying intentions before the Forum

We operate 50 forums a year across UK, US, Switzerland and Italy
We have traditionally run all of our forums on cruiseliners. Cruise ships provide a unique venue that allows people to focus in an environment that is disconnected from the office. The forums on cruise ships run for 3 nights and 2 days.
However, there is a growing demand for 1.5 day events that are more accessible and the lack of reliable wifi onboard the cruiseliners is becoming an increasing issue.
Therefore, we have just held our last forum onboard a cruiseliner and are now moving all of our forums to venues ‘on land’ at 5 star hotels.

This is now an opportunity to re design our logo and standardise this across all four countries.

Bringing together people from the same industry to create a seamless, time efficient experience where they can –
• Connect and engage with industry peers
• Discover more about their own industry and where it’s heading
• Benchmark existing suppliers and discover new ones
• Create new opportunities in a cost effective and time efficient manner

• A reputation for being well established, fair and professional
• A proven track record for organising a large number of forums over 30 years, offering longevity and experience
• High quality conference programmes
• A bespoke experience for each attendee – a meeting selection process that allows attendees to choose their meetings and construct a personalised itinerary.


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richmond events

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credible, professional, current


We organise 50 forums a year in the UK, Italy, Switzerland and the US. Currently, each forum has a different logo.

We would like to use ONE logo across all events. Possibly a standardised design that can be modifyied slightly for each event. E.g. different colour.

We would like the logo to look both professional and current.

For years we have used a cruise ship as the logo because originally all of our forums were held on cruise ships. However, we have just run our last event on a cruise ship and now all of our events will be held at hotels on land.

We are open to both logo designs that incorperate the cruiseliner history and designs that choose to go down a different path entirely.

Additional Info

A competitor that does a good job of creating one central logo that then changes slitghtly for all events is Innovation Enterprise. Their logo and overall branding works very well.

Other competitors we like include...
Forum events https://forumevents.co.uk/
GDS Summits https://gdssummits.com/

We are currently creating a new website with squarespace so our website at the moment is not a fair representation of our brand or what we are looking for in a logo design.

I have attached a brief that went out to marketing agencies looking to develop a new webiste. We have decided not to use any of the marketing agencies but the document contains more information on richmond Events and examples of previous logos.



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