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You know...work now, rest later.

I have a very small website used by a few friends for free. Someday I hope to do more with it and a step in that direction is getting a professional logo.

The site is really simple - it's basically a todo list, with a couple other screens for setting up projects. Items in the todo list have priorities (currently low, medium, and high) and state such as "active", "done", and "verified".

I'm starting with a logo today. Hopefully I'll follow up with a site design. I would like to make some very simple business cards with the logo and color scheme.

My target audience is small, distributed organizations. Small professional teams that work together on specific projects. This product emphasizes simple rather than comprehensive.

Projects typically have fewer than 100 tasks with 2 to 10 people involved. I hope the users of this product consider it easy to use and dependable.

People will be internet users but this could be one of the few internet applications they use. I think of the system as helping motivated individuals working as a time to coordinate their work, rather than a tool for managing others. People hopefully like what they are doing and are excited about achieving something and willing to work to make it happen.

To emphasize the playful energy at work, and a reflection of my poor design skills, the current site has a picture of my dog running. I'm open to new designs.



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