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Business Info

Business Name

Reel Emotion

What do you do?

Produce video presentations from photos and video clips for Hi Def/ Hi Fi flat screen presentations. We create productions that people not only view, but profoundly move their emotions..

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Productions will service a wide range of businesses from 1.) tribute videos including funerals, graduations, retirement, Bar/Bat mitzvahs,. Also will produce instore promotions for for businesses ranging from restaurants to salons to grocery stores..

Describe your audience

Product purchasers will be Young adult and Seniors consumers and business owners. Product viewers will be all ages depending on the production and venue viewed

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate to your audience?

1. Our productions will evoke Emotion - not just a video to view.
2. Professional.
3. Definately out of the ordinary.

Style and Concept

What styles do you like?

Open to style. Need a tight logo that can be used on brochurs, letterhead, business cards, shirts, etc. More two dimentional rather than lineal. Logo should have pop but be simple and instantly recognizeable. Needs to convey professionalsim and not too edgy to appeal to the funeral crowd, but have style and flair to it so its not bland for the other businesses I plan to market to. I would rather lean toward style and flair than be too bland.

What colors do you like or hate?

I visualize that Gold (not Yellow) and Black could work. Touches of other colors to add flair? Overall I am wide open to color as long as it fits well with the other considerations I have detailed. Dazzle me!

Any other additional info? (optional)

Reel Emotion was concieved with "Reel" having a double meaning with Real , indicating a video/movie concept and honest unhibited feeling. Emotion also has a double meaning in that we evoke emotion and video is at its essence "motion". I beleve the "Reel" stands on its own, but the "motion" in Emotion could have a flair to it to stand out. I'm open to design and playing with these concepts as long as the overall logo does not get too busy or contrived like we are sticking the double meanings in their face. Subtle and "cool" is more the way to handle it. Have fun with it !



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