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We're launching RedTag.com, an eCommerce web site that gives customers an inside connection to excess inventory from the worlds most trusted brands.

I know, I know, it sounds pretty salesy. But its right on.

RedTag's parent company has strong relationships with top name-brand manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. So we have access to their excess inventory when the top brands dont sell out in stores.

These brands do not make their excess inventory available to just anyone. It took us 10 years to establish these relationships, so it is an inside connection in the truest sense.

Some percentage of brand new and refurbished flat-screen HDTVs, laptops and mp3 players sitting on store shelves today are likely also sitting in warehouses of the top brand-names. That just means that theyll be arriving in our warehouse any day now and available for a fraction of the retail price.

Because were selling excess inventory from top brands means we cannot forecast out what products and quantities will be available day-to-day. We literally get truckloads of brand-name product daily at rock-bottom prices, so everything moves quickly.

RedTag.com Logo should convey:

1) Sense of urgency (get it today, because it will likely be gone tomorrow)

2) Inside connection (RedTag is the only place to get these deals)

3) Mystery (you'll never know what products will be on RedTag tomorrow)

4) No-nonsense (customer care, low shipping rates, trust- RedTag is a new brand but it's owned by an established parent company)

5) Stand the test of time (we need a logo that will look great in 10 years, not just great among today's trends)

Note: Beware of duplicating the BestBuy mark or reminding consumers of the BestBuy mark. I'd be curious to see how negative space could be used to paint a tag in the viewers eye without fully drawing one.

Colors for this logo are a challenge. Red is in the name, but we don't want the entire site to be red. Pure red works with blue, but the parent company already operates a blue commerce website. What shades of red can be used that will complement a color pallet that can be used for the rest of the website?

RedTag is backed by an extremely well-funded parent company and will have nationwide mass media promoting it. Here's your chance to design a logo for a household brand name of tomorrow.



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