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There are no client updates at this time.

We currently are considering re-doing our corporate logo for our Nitro-LM Product. This is a license service that is hosted on the internet that does everything from user registration/confirmation/authentication to software decryption and licensing.

Nitro-LM is currently a plain straightforward easy to use logo (just the text 'Nitro-LM' - with a medium gray color and a red LM) - we are looking for something "more" - you can learn more at http://www.nitrolm.com

Our current logo can be printed/embroidered on a shirt and can be put on just about anything cost effectively. Simplicity, and reproducibility is a KEY component for us - on the web and else where.

PLEASE save us all a lot of time and DO NOT do: padlocks, barking dogs, chain fences, razor wire, or anything clich like that, security night watchmen, guns/knives, weapon fonts, finger prints, or any other 'security-ish' common thing. I don't want us to be mistaken for a 'pad-lock' manufacturer if you get my drift.

Oh - ALSO - don't propose anything with "flames" or "NOx" - we know 'nitro' is in our name for this product, we don't need to make it look like a saturday afternoon car parts swap.

We want something that casts a very friendly professional an clean view of this product and our company.

Best of luck to you all!



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