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Applegarth Farm has been growing, cooking and selling fine food for 30 years. (applegarth meaning apple orchard in welsh)

We have a 40 acre farm producing a variety of products for the following:

Farm Shop

Or 'country delicatessen' Applegarth has a 2000 sq ft area selling a variety of fine foods including:

4m delicatessen counter selling charcuterie, deli foods and home produced pies, mini quiches, salads etc

Frozen food department including frozen meals, frozen scoop fruits (bays of cranberries, strawb's, melon)

and fozen home made desserts (gateax, roulades, cheesecakes etc

Fruit and vegetable section- 50 different types

Dried good, jarred goods- mayo, chutney, pasta, rice, sauces etc.

The farmshop has been retailing for 25 yrs and we are pushing to sell far more of our own produce.


45 seats in the winter, 90 in the summer. Shabby chic look with old antique farmhouse tables with modern artwork, photography on the wall. Wood burning stove, stone floor.

Until 9 months ago more of a cafe feel to it. We were serving hot meals of a relatively high standard, (eg leek and bacon potato cakes on a bed of roasted veg) alonside sandwiches, cakes breakfasts etc.

We have now completely revamped the restaurant to create a much more intimate feel by walling of the shop, wood burning stove, table clothes and better lighting etc. With this we have launched in the evening with a very much higher standard of food from an award winning chef.

So, the cafe is now a restaurant with a much more sophisticated feel although we are keeping the pricing/ overall feel of the place true to its roots and down to earth.

We are providing a price fixe pricing structure, 2 courses for x 3 courses for y - so that people feel that they are getting good value for money and know the charge before they start.

Farmhouse Kitchen

An area we are currently developing. With the idea of putting an ecommerce site together to start selling our home made products to order. Essentially what we are looking at is making use of the existing kitchen by allowing customers to pre-order our cakes, quiches and to be able to order them on line.

Also the idea of a customer being able to order a premade picnic/hamper of food so that they can come and pick it up from the shop (after a period, to send them across the country via courier.

We have an outdated website (in terms of content) which can be seen at www.applegarthfarm.co.uk This will be completely redeveloped with a new cms and ecommerce engine


We want to have a look at the current branding of the business, so that it mirrors the more sophisticated path the business has gone (and will go much further) in the last year.

The current brand is a hotch potch of 5 years worth of bastardising the original logo to suit new areas of development. We now want to have a top down look at where we are and were we are going so that the following areas work as one

Once the logo has been established it will be used on the following:

Full ecommerce site

New roadside sign

Labels and stickers for packaging within the shop (to reinforce the brand when people get the product into their kitchen)

Plastic biodegrable carrier bags

Biodegradable picnic boxes ( http://picnicboxco.com/ )


payment slips


The audience is a serious mix of people. The area is wealthy and not particularly hit by current recession.


ageing - relatively wealthy and looking for something more than the Supermarket experience.

Young trendy female- looking for higher end foods and interesting products.

Restaurant- Middle class of all ages but all with more money than the norm. All looking for good food in a nice environment away from the average chain pub or restaurant.

Kitchen- Mix of the above, targeting our current marketing list.


we don't hugely dislike the current logo, top left of the flash animation: www.applegarthfarm.co.uk this is the latest iteration of many logo's using the tree and the word. The three words are a little specific. If a phrase to encompass what we are can be found, great.

http://www.daylesfordorganic.com/ quite like the font although to classic for us. Our type of industry.

www.jimmysfarm.com/ in that it has the farmy feel to it. We are not the same in that we are going for a more contemporary, upmarket feel- however, we dont want to be portrayed as elitist, stuck up etc.


I love the Apple tree, and fits well with our traditional farming/contemporary restaurant, current position. However, its not set in stone that it has to be used.

Not that you would believe it looking at the website but our core colour for most things is deep blue with font on the branded clothing a silver colour. The building is painted dark blue as well. Most creatives have told me that there is absolutely no correlation between our type of business (earthy, growing, foody) and Royal blue. We agree, but we also like the Royal blue. It would mean a considerable change if we were to change this, however, this is also not set in stone.

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