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WHAT WE ARE: A modern, contemporary, movement-based, missional church plant in Clarksville, TN.

VISION: We are a family of faith that follows Jesus and helps others find Him by living all of life as missionaries of hope.

TARGET AUDIENCE FOR BRANDING: A 30-40 year old man with a family and elementary age children and who is connected to the military.


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Redeeming Hope

Top 3 Things

1) Movement/Motion/Activity
2) Modern/Sleek
3) Simplicity


We are seeking a brand that fits our target audience and communicates that we value men, we operate in simplicity, we are on the move, we are open, genuine, and authentic.

We want this logo and color scheme to feel modern, clear, simple, and masculine. But we also want to incorporate the idea of movement, progression, and outward activity. We want people to feel that this is not a static church, but a church that MOVES OUT.

We also want to keep the color schemes and font simple and clear. Specifically, we want a logo that incorporates the colors in artwork from Theo van Doesburg (see RFP for pictures and details).

We want a logo that has three triangles that are somehow connected or that share a line or two between them with smaller triangles exploding off of them, indicating movement.

We want this logo to be neutral when it comes to Christianity. Please do not shape the triangles in the shape of a cross or dove (No gradient, No cross, No dove, No guns, No military symbolism, No overt Christian symbolism of any kind)

Additional Info

We have a full PDF of our RPF with pictures, color schemes, and more details on our vision and feel that are uploaded in the "Redeeming Hope Rebranding RPF - 2018" document. Please review that document. We had a team of people collaborate on the vision and branding guidelines. Thank you so much for considering creating something beautiful with us.



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