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A luminous red nova is a stellar explosion caused by the cosmic merging of two stars. It is characterized by a distinct red color that lingers with resurgent brightness. That's where we got our new name. (Photos can be found online.)

Red Nova Systems is an enterprise web development and marketing lab as well as a technology think-tank that builds development systems and software for Internet and mobile communications.

Red Novas products, services and markets are diverse, but two characteristics are common: technology and interconnectivity. Ideally the Red Nova theme could convey either/both on a premium level.

We need an identity that can encompass our various offerings, yet we have no firm design ideas of our own. So the look/feel is open to your creative interpretation/inspiration at this point. Invent us!

The main words Red Nova may receive more emphasis than the secondary word Systems in the logo. Vector designs are preferred, with limited or no special effects (to avoid problems with embroidery etc.).

Thank you for your consideration of our project.

Please note: all fonts used must be either supplied to us or available for purchase by us from a third party; be sure to alert us if any stock imagery is used in your design, as many stock sites have legal restrictions against using their art in brand logos due to trademark implications.



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