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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are a personal development company that specializes in behavioral software - in other words, we create products that help people be at their best and live a life of profound purpose. We accomplish this through live trainings, audio and video products, and our online website community. We are tech-savvy, hip, forward-thinking, and committed to helping cultivate healthy, happy, powerful, well-functioning humans.

What do you need?

We are seeking a logo to represent our primary brand, Reality Bender. The logo will be featured on our website (going live this week) and our CD product covers. Reality Benders are people who know how to access their at-best, or flow state. They are powerful, centered, and able to create the life they most want.

The logo we're looking for is something akin to what might be produced if the artist Alex Grey were to be hired by Apple.com. In other words, something that incorporates a spiritual element, a sense of movement and energy, but also has the Apple aesthetic of sleek, clean, simple. We're not looking for something that looks corporate. It must have an element of Alex Grey as well - please reference the attached piece called Theologue or visit his site at www.alexgrey.com.

The color palette we like is silver, grey, blue, with perhaps some warm colors thrown in.

One concept we had was a hand pushing through a transparent fourth wall and literally bending reality. We imagined this could be portrayed using the style of the auric fields in Alex Grey's Theologue (attached). Feel free to riff on this concept or go for something completely different.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience are people who have an interest in self-improvement and development. Some meditate, do yoga, others are working professionals who wish to maximize their performance at work and in their lives. Our audience is primarily between 20 and 50.


We Like These Examples

Alex Grey's Theologue and all of his work. The aesthetic of Apple.com's website, photography, and print.

We Absolutely Must Have

The logo must say: Reality Bender
We prefer a modern and sleek style with spiritual aesthetic sprinkled in.



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