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Re-do the Logo Thinksmart.it

Creative brief

Thinksmart.it rised as a blog and is going to be a small business marketing firm that supports

entrepreneurs to more effective marketing and web marketing.

Our theme is for marketeers. Our primary visual is http://www.thinksmart.it

The What:

A blog and website about generally "smart thinking" in the world of consumers, business, new media. The site will focus on facts, tools, services and documentation about trends and smart marketing ideas.

The site/concept needs a logo.

The name of the site is thinksmart.it

Our tagline: For Marketeers.

Our values: Empowerment, Entrepreneurial Spirit, in other words ThinkSmart.

Brand Promise: Empower small businesses to thrive against larger competitors through better marketing ideas.

Logo uses:Website, blog, business card, training & marketing materials, tshirt.

Our official color is a dark red and blue

You may completely re-do the logo. We need a logo that is versatile, working well both on the web and

printed materials. The logo should reflects our values, brand promise and tagline, but we don't want it

too abstract.

The Who:

The target audience for the site is marketing professional and people involved in media and advertising.

It is a place where people can share also ideas, post questions, and offer new smart idea.

The How:

The logo must include the name (thinksmart.it). Feel free to experiment and play with the shape of the

logo. that way it will be more flexible for use in different contexts.

We want to see two versions: one with the payoff - Thinksmart.it ...for Maketeer - and one with just


Other requirements:

Must have dynamism,

Let the people to get the "winning ThinkSmart",

ideally (but not an absolute requirement) it should make people "think smart" like a way of life.

Must work on light and dark backgrounds.

Professional-looking but not too corporate. It's fine to have a bit of playfulness and fun.

Other than that, please feel free to use your own ideas.

it requests a favicon of the logo.

Files needed in EPS, PSD, AI, and JPG.

Good luck!



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