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We are a golf site that shows the world what is coming out before it hits the stores. Kind of like the Detroit Auto-Show of Golf. Athough we also let people know about what is going on behind the scenes in the industry. We have been called the "TMZ of Golf" as well.

- We show prototypes

- Uncover stories other golf magazines wont touch

- show people products that can help their game but they have never heard of before

mygolfspy (dot) com

We had a character designed for us but right in the middle of the project the designer left town and has never been heard from again. So we need this one finished and a couple minor updates done to the guy

golfers (mostly males) from 15-55. And we have a more web 2.0 look to our site. So we would like to keep this in the design

Web 2.0

We love the character but we need a couple things done:

1. We need to have him in a couple positions for different spots on site

2. Ability to change face expressions, hand movements, etc (so we maximize versatility)

3. We need the golf club to be more a part of the image (enlarged, very visible)



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