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Tell us what you need

What is the exact name you would like in your logo?


Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

1. Visit our website - www.pickleballcentral.com

2. I'd like to see a logo that incorporates a our company name with the images of a pickleball BALL and a PADDLE and a pickleball COURT. (This is a lot, so every piece of equipment doesn't need to be in the logo.)

In the Materials section I've included images of the pickleball BALL (a whiffle ball, usually white in color), a pickleball PADDLE and a pickleball COURT.

3. Most of our customers are people over age 55, Baby Boomers

4. Take a look at this CBS Early Show clip on pickleball, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2KNhIgOk...

5. Look at this Good Morning America clip, http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?...

6. What is PICKLEBALL?
Pickleball is a sport described as "a combination of ping-pong, tennis, and badminton", played in schools, parks and recreation centers, camps, and retirement communities.

Pickleball is FUN. It is also a great work out, very social and a competitive and athletic game.

It's typically played on a badminton court with a net that is lowered to 34 inches in the middle. Players uses a baseball sized whiffle ball and a paddle, similar to a large ping-pong paddle, to volley the ball back and forth to score on the opposing team.

NOTE: Pickleball is a serious sport, PLEASE, no silly green pickles anywhere in this logo.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

1. We are a pickleball company
2. We are, pickleball is, athletic, sporty and seriously competitive with a sprinkling of fun
3. We are professional. We are the industry leader and really going somewhere

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Text and image, however, if you can convey our message with just text, go for it!



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