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The new logo for the Pete Wiltjer Marketing Group will kick-off a rebrand of my company. For the past five years, I've operated as Bradley Wiltjer Marketing Group, a 50/50 partnership. I bought my partner out at the end of the year and am moving forward on my own.

The old website (www.bwmginc.com) was too focused on a bevy of tactics. It did not always effectively convey a strategic message and often made it too hard for the audience to figure out where to begin. That stated, the old logo was wonderful in conveying a central message for the firm: we help you find the right people. I need a good new logo that will help communicate my agency's strengths and give the company a good foundation.

We used a courier font in our last logo on purpose in order to convey that we offer a simple and straight forward approach for our customers. It would not bother me at all to use a sans serif font for the new logo, it would mark a good departure from the old image.

I liked the old company color scheme - orange and red, but again, I need to leave that behind.

That stated, something incorporating one of these colors (red or orange) may be a good starting point for me. I also like blues and greens, but definitely do not want something that is red and blue together; I'm not running for office and not trying to reinforce a 'buy American' message!

My new logo will serve as the central visual expression of my company. I want my prospects to more easily understand how we can help them, why we can help them, and where they can get started.


My logo will be used on my website, in emails, on my stationery, and even on some signage and clothing.

Also, keep in mind that my company is now being featured in an ongoing blog feature on the Entrepreneur website in order to document how I'm rebranding my company, so if you win this project, your work will get much wider exposure than the typical project you bid on through crowdspring.


I work primarily in the business-to-business world. My clients are in the enterprise software markets, in manufacturing, and in professional services (HR, insurance, training, academia and not-for-profit). Companies I work with are primarily SMBs (as small as $1M in annual revenues), some are even Tier 1 (over $1B in revenues). I don't usually work with start-ups.

This audience, by and large, is impressed by consultants that demonstrate stability and prior success.


I would like a logo that is versatile, that can be presented in a few different ways. For instance, Rule29's logo also works as an 'R29' (see rule29.com). Also, I like the way the TFI logo (see www.tfienvision.com/) can be incorporated in its messaging on its website, where the logo splits in half, or opens up, to reveal key messages about the company.


The name of the company is: Pete Wiltjer Marketing Group, Inc.

However, I am also doing business as: PWMG, Inc.

Both names will be used in marketing the company and I will seek to create web traffic for both phrases.

Wiltjer is a common Dutch name, but it is frequently misspelled and not easy to pronounce unless you have come across the name before. It is pronounced Wil-cher. The 'tj' in the name sound like a ch.

Please be aware that there is a book/music company in Switzerland that owns the rights to 'pwmg.com' and that there is a company in Europe, the Paul Wakeling Motor Group, using pwmg.com.au. Then, there is the Patterson Wealth Management Group in Georgia that uses pwmg-llc.com. Any logos developed should be far different than anything on any of these websites.

If I can get a logo that allows me to use both the full company name and the dba, that would be cool.

My old logo worked from a symmetrical standpoint because my old partner's name and my name both have 7 letters, so they balanced each other well on either side of the 'crowd' image. Obviously I probably can't have a presentation like that any more, with my first name and last name sandwiching an image.

Also, the new image should not be a variation on the 'circle swoosh' that has been so over-used and prevalent for companies of all types. Also, it should not be so complicated/complex that I can't replicate it for something small, like a favicon.



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