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Pointomatic is a new company with no existing brand or corporate presence, no tag line, no nothing. This is your chance to put a face to a name.

Pointomatic is a software company focused on improving website user engagement and loyalty. We market and sell our services to online community sites, media companies, social networks and advertisers.

The idea behind our company and our services is to help websites more actively engage their site members. Most websites are incorporating more and more aspects of community. We will provide software to help them measure and quantify user engagement in the community and tools to encourage more active user participation. One basic product is a fully customizable loyalty points programs for ad supported web sites. But this is just the first of many products.


We need a logo to represent our company and our brand. We are looking for something that is clean, professional and dynamic and will represent us in a business-to-business marketing environment.

Key concepts that might be considered incorporated:

- Metrics, Analytics

- Engagement, Involvement, Relationships, Community

- Web site loyalty, Loyalty points

- User status, Feedback ratings

- Advertising, Revenue

The company name, Pointomatic, should be the primary element of the logo in some stylistic treatment. We especially like two part logos that include both a stylistic treatment of the company name and an icon that can be used both with the company name and as a standalone icon.

We are kind of going for an Anti Web 2.0 look and feel. We are a web 2.0 like company, but are bored with the drop shadow, rounded corner look. We kind of like whats going on over at Esty.com, clubwiki.com, threadless.com. Not retro, not staid & traditional. But not a plain san serif font with an icon attached.

Target Audience:

Like any company logo, it will be the primary brand for our company and be seen by prospects, customers, business partners, investors, etc.

We are a B2B company with mostly business consumers who are design conscious - web site marketing managers, web developers, user experience developers, advertising executives and buyers.

There are no specific demographic/social attributes of the target market that are relevant.


We seek a logo that will be used in all marketing materials including, but not limited to, website, print collateral, stationary, business cards, etc.

Technical Requirements:


Logo should scale down to be legible at less than inch wide on a business card.


The logo should be presented as Black on White, White on Black and with several color suggestions. Color selections will be made after the B&W selections are narrowed down.

Color logos should include a maximum of three colors. Gradients are acceptable.


We enjoy unusual fonts and would enjoy the use of a custom/designer font.

We prefer sans serif fonts but wont get too hung up on serifs.

Any font used in the design must be commercially available as an OpenType or TrueType font for less than $300 (We would hope for multiple users at that price!).

File Format:


Clip Art

Off the shelf clip art is not appreciated and will work against you.

While not required for this project/bid, a logo that can be animated in interesting ways when used online would be appreciated.




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