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Health Care & Biotech

About Your Company

We offer healthcare consulting services.
We provide systematic healthcare program development.

This project will be for three logos that will work together.


Logo Usage
  • Screen / Digital

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Preferred Logo Style
  • Image + Text

Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

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Logo Text

Logo 1
Brightworks Group

Logo 2
Just One Technology
tagline: A Brightworks Company

Logo 3
Transform Care
tagline: A Brightworks Company

Top 3 Things

healthcare, best practices, performance improvement


Here is the background for the three logos:

Brightworks Group

Brightworks Group combines the two companies below, which can be considered as two divisions of Brightworks Group.

The owners of these companies are retired Navy. The nautical meaning of Brightwork is defined as (link): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brightwork


Brightwork - Wikipedia<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brightwork>
On boats, particularly wooden boats, brightwork is exposed metal and varnished woodworking, though amongst the yachting set it more often refers to the woodwork. The metal is usually brass or bronze that is kept polished, or stainless steel, which requires less maintenance.

Just One Technology
A Brightworks Company

JustOneTechnology enables growth and efficiency by providing exceptional value, opportunity, and capability through strategic driven application of technology.

JustOneTechnology provides a singular source of business aligned solutions that empower our clients towards realizing their vision.

The name, Just One Technology comes from the owner's deceased son’s name Justin, which translates to, " the righteous" or "the Just One". With that said I have always thought that from an equipment, technology, informatics, information technology management perspective — you can access “IT ALL” through “JUST ONE”....through Just One you can access it all. Just One is the conduit to many. A single source for customers clients to access all their information & technology needs.....that includes staffing.....I often say, “Health Care Driven IT” “Where the Business of Health Care comes first”......meaning that we NEVER do technology for technologies sake. It has to be directly correlated to the “BUSINESS” first.

Transform Care
A Brightworks Company

TransformCare Consulting provides management and consulting services for health systems, hospitals, small and large practices, payers, and government agencies.

Our team has extensive expertise in the management and transformation of large healthcare systems from the front-line provision of care to the back office including the management of healthcare data and implementation of IT solutions.

Visit our website for more details: https://transform-care.com

TransformCare Consulting Evidence Based Systems Approach to Better Healthcare

Additional Info

We would like separate versions of each logo in JPG, Transparent PNG and Vector EPS formats.



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