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Mafalala is an emerging brewer based in Maputo, Mozambique. The name was inspired by Mafalala, a shanty town that borne legends in art, music and sports. In the heart of this shanty town were borne these global legends who perfected their craft, lived for their dreams and accomplished excellence. It is with the same passion and friendship that we created the beers we make.

Mafalala Dourada (Gold) is the first in a line of beers and is made from high quality ingredients (barley, hops, yeast) following a unique recipe which was crafted by a spirit of passion and a celebration of the heritage of Mozambican authenticity that emanated from Mafalala.

Mafalala Dourada is a pale ale with a rich golden colour texture, topped off by a beautifully foamy head and a creamy taste.

Mafalala Dourada is beer that people can easily sit down to enjoy, to celebrate and to experience the highs and lows of life with. Mafalala Dourada is a session beer, it can be enjoyed all day. We have created a beer that surprises the drinker and is meant to astound people who will for the first time love premium rich tastes.

The logo should represent the unique imagery of Mafalala blended with rich golden colour textures.


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Logo Text


Top 3 Things

Heritage and origin being Mafalala
Premium and rich nature of the Beer
The yellow in the logo is to be golden


Has to stand out as a first local Mozambican premium beer, with an international look and feel . It shouldn't be too busy as an image, as other craft beers often are. It must be a perfect work of art which combines simplicity, ingenuity and tells the story

Additional Info

The competitors all produce regular beer commercially including Mac Mahon, Castle Lite, Corona Extra.

The name Mafalala is the brand, the word Dourada is to be an insert to show which type of beer this is. So the logo must carry Mafalala only, with Dourada being an insert that can change to Cider, Gold, Lager etc

The colour of our beer and its taste/texture stands out distinctively. Our logo and branding must stand unique to the existing brands.

Will need to get the source files in Adobe Acrobat as well
Please provide large format sizes for final products, including greyscales for printing on beer mugs, t-shirts etc. Also include single colour logo silhouettes which can sit on fabrics etc.

The logo and crest (in full colour) for Mafalala should sit comfortably on a glass, t-shirt, printed signage etc. in terms of look



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