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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are an ambitious team of engineers, scientists, and designers, who focus on solving the problems of the present in order to expand the horizons of the future. We have developed NMSET as a way of breaking through the complex barrier of achieving flight at any scale, large or small, to allow for never-before-possible aircraft such as Micro UAV's, personal flight systems (think jet packs and flying cars), and massive vertical take-off platforms.

What do you need?

We need our logo to reflect our ambition and ingenuity, while still portraying a sense of precision and patience. After all, with such a radical new technology, the development pace is extremely fast, yet each step must be taken carefully to ensure the integrity of the product. We don't want the logo to be too "aviation oriented," as the NMSET material provides solutions for hundreds of use cases outside of the aviation industry (To visualize the NMSET material, think of a semi-permeable, thin paper-like material that, when a small amount of electricity is introduced, provides controlled thrust on one side. It can be manufactured to any size, and can even be woven into other material such as carbon-fiber) Our logo will primarily be used for presentations to potential licensees, as well as grant-giving agencies and venture capital firms.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience is primarily large aerospace companies, government research labs, and military surveillance subcontractors, as our intention is to simply produce the NMSET material and license it out for specific, exclusive use cases.


We Like These Examples

Fedex for the hidden arrow - I love hidden parts of the logo that mean something.

We Absolutely Must Have

the best of the best.



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