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Software and InfoTech

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

Were throwing out a design challenge to refresh our company logo + software product logo[s], starting off with strengthening/modernising the logo for our flagship software product assetDNA.

So one of our objectives is to identify someone who has the vision and capability to complete the related future projects.

1) What is assetDNA and how it is different

assetDNA is a leading-edge software-tagging-mobile technology solution that helps companies track/manage assets using wireless automatic identification technology such as RFID, NFC, direct part marks.

Key to assetDNA is the DNA a unique ID that connects each unique asset to its unique information. This asset uniqueness an important message to communicate so we want to retain emphasis on DNA. This is why we have capitalised it in the past. We are open to other ideas for treatments however.

2) Brand attributes [Values, personality, culture]

Logo should be appropriate for a software product which leverages leading-edge technologies [e.g. cloud hosting, NFC, RFID, mobile apps].

Other attributes: Innovative product/technology development, modern, high-tech whilst at the same time stable, experienced, wise, a trusted advisor and partner to blue-chip organisations, performs to promises, trustworthy, a safe/secure technology investment.

3) Logo attributes

# Retain emphasis on DNA in some way

# Introduce an icon/graphical element that can be used as a standalone for software favicon, website favicon, iOS App Icon, Android App Icon, Windows Tablet App icon, social media profile images.

# Develop a logo design will work as part of a family for 1] Across sibling DNA products without relying on reading the words [e.g. assetDNA, riskDNA] and 2] In relation to parent brands e.g. enterpriseDNA & Relegen

# Logo should be simple yet strong, distinctive, modern, memorable and visually-pleasing, supports the communication of the brand, is appropriate for our B2B technology products and services

# Logo design should be usable with a variety of backgrounds including black and white.

# Logo should be versatile and work equally well in horizontal & vertical spaces [i.e. perhaps the icon should be able to sit both beside and above assetDNA see examples provided in the linked detailed brief]

# Logo should be flexible for use across a wide range of mediums marketing material (letterhead, sales presentations, video demonstrations, brochures, tradeshow signage), digital communications (website, social media sites), within the software itself (splash screens, icons etc.) and on packaging (asset tags, pilot kits)

# Logo should be appropriate for a software product leveraging leading-edge technologies, cloud software, NFC, RFID, mobile apps for smartphones. Other attributes can be described as B2B, enterprise intelligence software, technology, cloud software, enterprise mobile apps, business consulting, professional services

# Logo should be appropriate for our clients who are med-to-large organisations operating in asset-intensive industries defence, mining, manufacturing, emergency services, law enforcement, energy, utilities etc.

See attached document or click on this link :


For additional guidance

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Icon + Text

See attached document or click on this link:


For additional For additional guidance

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

See attached document or click on this link:


For additional project guidelines, background to project + an indication of future projects >>

The following links may help you get a sense of what assetDNA is all about:

assetDNA website: http://www.assetDNA.com
What is asset intelligence video: https://youtu.be/2UctNZ5opD8
assetDNA software quick tour: https://youtu.be/5zZn_uVUZhQ
assetDNA tags & mobile apps: https://youtu.be/Er2KAjQ7I7I
assetDNA for mission-critical asset management: https://youtu.be/6-Wf0qE-t2A
assetDNA eBrochure: http://www.assetdna.com/ebrochure
assetDNA Pilot Kit eDatasheet: http://www.assetdna.com/pilotkit_edatash...

Required design files

Layered high-resolution/print-ready vectors in EPS
Digital resolution/Web-ready JPEG
Full colour + black and white versions
Please clearly specify fonts used



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