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Conversen is a web-based multi-channel marketing execution platform that our clients use to consolidate their disparate data sources into one central marketing database and then deliver highly personalized and variable messages across email, print, mobile, web, RSS, and other offline channels like call centers. The combination of our unique channel-agnostic technology in coordination with our advanced trigger and business rules engine allows marketers to reach customers in a more timely and relevant manner. Check out www.conversen.com for more details.


We're launching version 4.0 of our software platform and are looking to re-brand the product and the company to focus on our core message and product offering. Our CEO insists that the product and the company share the same name, so our company is "Conversen" and the product is "Conversen 4.0"

We're also looking to introduce two new product offerings, LaunchPad and Conversen Enterprise:

- LaunchPad is a central portal for our partners to manage their various accounts, upload project files, coordinate tasks and project timelines with their own teams and Conversen's Client Services group, as well as view and manage their Support tickets.

- Conversen Enterprise (this name is not set in stone, so suggestions are welcome) is an offering that allows marketing departments at large corporations to distribute the management of marketing campaigns down to regional marketing departments while maintaining brand control through templates and access rights. We also refer to this as Conversen Portals or Distributed Portals or Parent / Child.

For this first project we're just looking for Logo and Tagline ideas. Based on the logo/tagline we select, we'll likely open a second project to help us on the web-site / PPT redesigns.

The logo should apply to both the company name and the product name, and should not be dependent on the version number - the version number should not be part of the core design and if it's included as part of the logo needs to be able to change, including major releases (i.e. "5.2", "7.5" etc).

Also, the LaunchPad/Enterprise logos are secondary and not required as part of this project, though any ideas are welcome.


Our core message is focused on reaching marketers who have complex requirements for delivering highly relevant and timely communications across a broad range of delivery channels. Our clients today face a number of challenges, including: managing multiple channel-delivery vendors; creating highly relevant messages based on complex data sets; delivering those messages at the right time in the right channel; and shrinking budgets that expect growing returns.

We offer a solution that solves all of those problems, and provides a strong foundation for future growth. There are a few companies out there in the market that claim to have cross-media or multi-channel offerings, but when you dig deep it's either vaporware or smoke and mirrors with 5 vendors in the background. An important point is that we actually have the technology in place, with dozens of customers using it today. There's no vaporware here.


We had started an internal re-branding effort, and you can see a mock-up here: http://www.conversen.com/vNext

The proposed new logo (the circle with the satellite circles) indicates a central platform that has many facets (data integration, channel delivery, response capture, etc) that we pull together. The new tagline (a vision for tomorrow :: the solution for today) also reflects some of the changes we're trying to focus on, namely that we have a strong foundation that will help clients grow into the future, while also solving their existing problems today.

Compared to the current web site design were going for a much more open and bright color scheme. The light blue gradient along the top in the mock up is meant to imply open skies, as in with Conversen, the skys the limit

We also tried to make it so that the logo could be broken apart, and you can see that we use the circle/satellite thing to represent the platform itself in several instances throughout the mock up. We think it's nice to have a recognizable part of the logo as a standalone item that can be used without the text "Conversen" - this isn't a requirement, but it really works in a lot of places for us, so we're partial to the idea, but willing to see other ideas.

We're not tied to any of the designs in the mock up, we've just included them so that you can see what we're starting with today.

Completely different approaches are encouraged.


There should NOT be any reference to a specific channel (email, mobile, print, RSS, web, etc) in either the logo, tagline, etc.

NO: envelopes, "@" symbols, mobile phones, RSS feed icons, etc.

YES: something that indicates we're bringing everything together into one solution is a broad concept that we're partial to, but it's just one idea. Again, we're pretty open to anything.



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