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Let me tell you about us.

We are a company (Deuce Diapers, LLC) that produces products with humorous slogans.

Here is what we need:

Some creativity with just two words... "Poop on". This trademarked slogan will go on the back of a diaper and say, "Poop on ____!" The blank ( ___ ) will be sports teams that we have licensed with, so feel free to come up with any font or design for any sports team that you hate... (preferrably Ohio State Buckeyes, Kyle Busch, Pittsburgh Steelers, etc). We really don't have to have the blank filled in, but it would be nice to have some options. We're really just concerned with the first two words... "Poop on"

Our target audience is:

Young, first-time parents, white trash, or just people with a great sense of humor!

Things we don't need for this project:

Sports logos. Those are already established so if you choose to fill in the blank, be creative with the font and design!

We really don't have any preferences for certain colors, fonts, or designs, so be as creative as you would like!

Thanks for helping us out! Good luck, and have fun with this one!!!!



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