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Let me tell you about us. We are seeking creative help on behalf of Anita Alvarez, the Democratic candidate for Cook County, Illinois State's Attorney. Alvarez is an experienced, professional prosecutor with more than 20 years of experience in the state's attorney office. Alvarez won the first open primary election for the office in more than 50 years, and she is the first woman up for election of State's Attorney. In her many years of experience, she has established herself as a successful prosecutor who is tough, fair, and free from political influence. As someone with institutional knowledge, she understands the judicial system, its flaws, and how to improve.

Presently, she is the Second Vice President of the Chicago Bar Association, and in 2009 she will become its President. She was also a founding member of the National Hispanic Prosecutors Association and served as its National President. Anita was chosen as a fellow in the 2004 class of Leadership Greater Chicago and served on their board from 2004 2006.

Anita has been honored by various groups and organizations throughout her career. In 2001 she was named Person of the Year by Chicago Lawyer Magazine. That same year, she was honored for her work in the Girl X case by the Council for Disability Rights for precedent setting advocacy. In 2002 she was the recipient of the Professional Achievement Award from Chicago-Kent College of Law. In 2005 Anita was named Person of the Year by the Latin American Police Association and also named States Attorney of the Year by the Illinois State Crime Commission.

Please read about Anita, her stance on issues, and her story at: http://www.anitaalvarez2008.com. Her logo is available there as well the design may incorporate the logo but it is not required we would like to incorporate her photo which is also online.

Here is what we need: We need an engaging billboard design that will be featured prominently on 13 billboards throughout Cook County, IL. Here are some key words to think about what we are trying to convey with this billboard: experienced, strong, knowledgeable, and fair. We have been using the slogan Protecting all of us The elements on the billboard must come together to portray a friendly yet strong message, as Alvarez is an extremely well-qualified and experienced candidate who will be responsible for prosecuting all individuals charged with violating Illinois' criminal laws within the county.

I will need two deliverable files, one for 14 x 48 boards and the other for the 20 x 60. I will need the final product with our revisions no later then Monday morning.

Our target audience is: People of voting age (18 and over) who reside in Cook County, IL, which also encompasses the Chicago area. We want to remind Cook County residents that Anita is the right choice for State's Attorney.

We like these designs: We'd like to stick to the patriotic yet elegant color scheme that matches our existing web site, which we are very happy with. Here are some examples of billboards that we feel do an effective job: http://www.forbetterlife.org/billboards/... - This billboard campaign is simple, yet the images are eye-catching, and there is a good balance of white space with the type.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcn/21748... - Look at the Hillary Clinton billboard that says "READY." The large type conveys a strong message in a quick way.

http://askpcg.com/yahoo_site_admin/asset... - Steer away from using pink as a color, but this is a simple billboard with a nice display of image and tagline.

Our design absolutely must have: We need to have the Anita Alvarez logo on the billboard, along with her photograph. The phrase "Democrat for Cook County State's Attorney" must also appear on the billboard. The tagline on Anita's web site is "Protecting All of Us," if you would like to include that in your design, but it is not necessary.

Just remember - we are looking for the most effective, rapid way to convey our message, as people drive by billboards quickly.

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc. Avoid using overly feminine fonts or colors. We really do prefer the typical patriotic American color scheme of red, white, and blue, but in darker shades (like the website), but if you think you can come up with an all red, blue, or other color scheme that wows us, then go for it! Creatives - these billboards will be prominently displayed throughout Cook County, IL. We're turning to you to help grab the attention of millions of residents in order to make sure that Anita Alvarez is Cook County's next State's Attorney. Thank you for your participation!



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