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What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

personal Harmony

What is your industry?


What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

1) invokes feeling of a calm, soothing balance meets warm, soft, simple clean and tasteful--classy but not fancy.
2) universally approachable to anyone regardless of culture and geography
3) comfortable, trustworthy, authentic, intimate meets personal, playful and fun

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

"pH" as a logo mark with name "personal Harmony" to the side or below mark. lowercase "p" and capital "H" - space between the two words is optional based upon design. See uploaded file "YofHarmonyasWave_MockExamples.jpg" for more specifics.

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

We are launching a new social venture (.org) lifestyle brand called "personalHarmony" that offers both online and offline educational programs, tools and resources for people to lead more happy and balanced lives in today's modern world. Our offerings focus on bringing balance between your body, mind, heart and spirit (spiritual, but not religious vibe in this 4th component, a focus on service in many ways to others, in addition to serving our own needs). We are a brand and lifestyle that is encourages being real and authentic with yourself and others. We are not looking a "self-help / get rich quick" brand, but rather a heart-driven organization and growing community on a mission to support real people with returning to a harmonious place of balance and happiness in their livesaka - "personal harmony"

We are looking for a very creative, compelling, impactful and memorable "pH" logo mark image accompanied by well-balanced complimentary designed text of our brand name "personal Harmony" with space between the two words being optional based upon designs submitted. We are deciding now if we like "personalHarmony" or "personal Harmony" better, and the logo we choose will help determine this! Note that we do plan to use the "pH" mark without the text at times and to feature the mark prominently without text throughout our offerings, so it really needs to be memorable in different settings and not overly complicated or busy to be ideal for reproduction online and in offline printed forms (paper, signage, hats, shirts, etc.)

While not mandatory or decided upon yet, one direction we are interested in seeing for some submissions would play with a wave-like bottom to the lowercase "y" in Harmony that stretches under the bottom of the entire word since one of our core program concepts talks about the waves of emotions and feelings we all continuously feel in our lives. See mock image sketched by hand in the attached file called "YofHarmonyasWave_MockExamples.jpg"

While logo mark and text needs to work in black and white, we are interested in seeing logos that work with and compliment soft colors in the ocean and sky blue family, sunburst orange family, and vibrant glowing greens. See the attached file samples for examples of the our brand colors and feel to get a sense of our vibe and image. We also have a particular sideways 4 point diamond that is referenced in our core content and programs. Images of this concept is provided in a quick "place holder" logo sample we created ourselves for internal use--included in the zip folder as "QuickTemporaryPlaceholderLogoMark_InternalUseOnly.png" Please note that we are not necessarily looking for this style of logo, so please use your own creative ideas. We know we are not professional designers and that's why we're here to see what you come up with! We just wanted to share some material with you in these files as a potential direction to explore if you think it works. We'll know the best logo that works for us when we see it, as we have done several logo projects here and have always been highly satisfied with the final selection over the years. We have confidence in this design community here at crowdSPRING and thank you all in advance for your time and consideration in submitting your ideas!



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