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Pinky Toes is a product that protects women's pinky toes from corns, bunions and blisters. It is a silicone ring that goes around the smallest toe (pinky toe) and goes unnoticed. Women will wear them with closed-toe shoes like pumps. They are soft on the skin. They are transparent and skin-colored. Please see attached PDF of 3D rendering of the actual product.

The target audience is women into fashion ages 17-50. They most likely shop at Bloomingdales or Nordstroms. They are prissy enough to invest in the well-being of their toes! They most likely read fashion magazines and get pedicures regularly.

This logo will be on the actual product packaging. I need a logo that will make the buyer interested in what is in the package. Something that screams, "CHECK ME OUT! You need me! And want me!"

The color pink should definitely be used in the design since they are called "Pinky Toes". I do not want the product to look "teeny bopper" in any way. The look should be high-end and trendy. Classy and contemporary. Also, I want it to convey a message of a good, dependable product.

Eventually, the packaging will be what sells the product. The logo must be versatile for the product's marketing abilities.



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