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the name of the company is "Cool Cake Photography" tagline is "life is sweet". I mainly focus on people and events like weddings. I do portraiture work, kids especially. Also trying to open opportunities with pets and their owners and corporate portraits. Since my portfolio/interests are so broad, I chose a name that would fit any direction. Plus a lot of my competition call thier studios after themselves, so this will help separate me from them. My current name doesn't cut it. Check out my site to see what I mean. www.muddcasastudios.com

Would like a logo as a strong element to include on everything marketing. I would like it to be fun, happy, positive but professional. Clean design that emphasizes the "Cool Cake" portion of the name. Please play around with the other elements ("photography" and/or "life is sweet") for cool combinations.

That's all I really want to say right now because I want you all to be free with your ideas.

I don't have colors in mind but they should follow the fun, happy , positive theme.

Brides with medium to high end budgets who like to show off their photos. Families with children who spend a good amount yearly to update thier portraits. Seniors in highschool who want more glamour style pictures rather than studio style.

None yet.

Must have a graphic not just word art.

The font should be available in photoshop or should be included in the deliverables.



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