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We are Peter Asher Coffee and Tea. We are a start up online coffee and tea retailer. We currently have a retail store and roaster, but we are looking to re brand ourselves for the internet. Our desired location within the market is to be a high quality, boutique coffee and tea seller online. There are plenty of sites that offer quality coffee, but very few in a way that makes buying coffee online feeling like one would if they just bought a high end car or designer clothing.

To give you a frame of reference please think of the wine industry and the different levels and qualities. You wines that come in a box. You have wines the majority of people drink because its cheap. Then you have the high quality reasonable priced wines. This is where our product is, the high quality reasonably priced coffee and teas. We spent a lot of time perfecting the ideal taste profile of each kind of coffee and teas. You would find our coffee and teas in restaurants, specialty coffee and tea stores, and soon our website.


We need a creative mind to come up with a logo that will be the basis for our business. Along with the logo we need a color scheme that matches the logo and our theme of high quality unique coffee & teas. We need differentiate ourselves from the Starbucks, Caribou coffees, and Petes coffees of the world. Our product is of higher quality and the logo needs to portray this. We need something that finds the balance between separating us from the chain coffee shops at the same time not be too pretentious. We want to attract the average coffee drinker and have them feel and know they are purchasing a higher quality coffee and tea.

This logo will be at the center of our company. We need something that conveys everything mentioned in the About Us section


Hopefully everyone will use our site, but in the beginning, we are targeting the 30-60 coffee and tea drinkers, but we need a logo that will appeal to everyone. Not too sheik, but not too simple where it looks like your getting a knock off brand.



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