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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are peanutbuttertomychocolate.com - A bloggers networking platform - facilitating blogger networking to increase eyeballs for all

Find the first third of a rough draft video for our site here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_spdfxwwY...

FULL script here:

Announcer: Pssst... hey you, savvy blogger who creates killer content. You, who knows the value of guest posts for driving additional traffic to your blog, but who also knows how hard guest posts can be to coordinate.

Announcer: I've got a secret for you... you are peanut butter.

Announcer: You are. Now hear me out. You are peanut butter... and somewhere out there in the blogosphere is the CHOCOLATE to your peanut butter and peanutbuttertomychocolate.com is here to help you make those connections.

Announcer: Peanut butter to my Chocolate is a blogger networking platform. Bloggers, connect together, increasing traffic for all. And guess what...IT'S FREEEE!

Announcer: Peanut Butter to my Chocolate is THE location where bloggers looking for contributors can connect with bloggers looking to contribute. Requests from host bloggers are sent directly to willing, contributing bloggers through daily notifications sent directly to your inbox.

Blogger: So if I want the chance to guest post on someone else's blog?

Announcer: Use Peanut Butter to my Chocolate.

Blogger: Aaaand if I want to find another blogger to contribute to my blog?

Announcer: Use Peanut Butter to my Chocolate. Text, video, even pictures or audio. Entire guest posts, quotes, or co-writing. Let Peanut Butter to my Chocolate help you drive traffic to your blog through great guest post connections.

PS* Use the long form url or for your convenience we have acquired the short form url pbtomyc.com as well... yeah, we know... we rock!

What do you need?

We need a logo. A killer logo. We need to find the chocolate graphic designer to our peanut butter idea.

Who Is Your Audience?

Bloggers. Bloggers who are looking to increase their traffic.


We Like These Examples

Simple is best. Nike. Apple. Etc.

We Absolutely Must Have

We would like to explore both the long form url - peanutbuttertomychocolate.com and the short form url - pbtomyc.com in the design...



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