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Pace Industries is a die cast manufacturing company. In short, we melt metal and form it using molds and a lot of high pressure. Our audience will be our own employees. They are blue collar individuals with a strong work ethic, so flashiness and ostentatiousness would work against our message.

This is a logo for our internal “Pace Academy” - a conference of sorts where our best and brightest are sent to headquarters for 1 week of training to prime them to be future leaders for our business. Classes will be led by our C-suite level leaders and their audience will be upper management from our production facilities – again, blue collar and determined people.

This logo will appear on our presentations, communications within our company about the Pace Academy, and will be used to brand any items we give the associates for attending. We have an established brand that can be found on our website, which I will link, so a similar design would be preferential.

We have also grown through mergers and acquisitions so a logo that incorporated unity in its theme would be great add.

Explore our website for our current artwork:


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Pace Academy

Top 3 Things

Conservative, strength, unity


I am open to ideas, but over-design would be a mistake here. This internal program is will be highlighting Lean Manufacturing practices so I don't want the logo to seem grandiose.

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Please visit our website for similar artwork:



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